How this website works for candidates

Step 1: A client posts a job to the website.* Please bookmark this link on your phone’s browser or browser at home so that you can check in regularly.

Step 2: Clients recieve 1 sms to send out to staff. This is automated to link to their job on the website with a mini description and send to all eligable candidates in the area automatically. * Please note: The client chooses when to send sms’s so sometimes a job can be online for a while before a notice is sent, some may not even use this feature having receiving enough responses through the website.

Step 3: View the job on the website. If you are interested, click ‘apply’ at the bottom of the page.The client will  recieve an email with a link to your profile stating your application. If the client would like to interview you they will purchase your contact details from your profile page (so always check that these are correct and regularly check your email) and contact you directly.


Step 3: The client may browse through candidates profiles on the website. They may find that they are interested  in interviewing you. They will invite you to apply for the job. You will receive an email with a direct link to the job offered, if you like the position, you can click apply on the job form, the client will be notified, and purchase your contact details, they will call and set up an interview date.