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Au Pair, Babysitter

Areas Available: Sandton & Surrounds
Availability: Full Day
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Age: 35
Experience: 12 years

* profile last updated: 16 Nov 2012

Personal Information:


English (1st), no other languages

Highest Education level


Diplomas/ certificates / degrees

I have completed a Child care course at the Professional Child Care College in 2003. I also completed a course in English for speakers of other languages at Pittman Qualifications.

First Aid

Yes (certificate expiry: 2015-11-11)

Child Safe Vehicle with seat belts all round


Driving for

17 years

Worked with children aged from

0 - 1 year
1 - 3 years
3 - 6 years
6 - 10 years





Can you swim?


Do you have any allergies, physical or psychological issues, illnesses or disabilities?

Asthmatic, I have it under control.

Looking for

Live Out positions

Salary range expected

R8500 to R14000

Do you have any hidden talents, such as playing an instrument / painting / dancing?

My hobbies are coaching skating to the beginner tots on Wednesdays. I also enjoy scrap booking, swimming and baking. I am also an animal lover and have been house/pet sitting for the last 4 years.

Do you still work for any of your previous clients?


Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?


How would you describe yourself?

My character strengths are - I work well with children and adults alike and have empathy with people. I am sincere and friendly and have high moral standards. I endeavour to give of my best at all times, given a task in hand.

Can you cook?



Type of reference: Au Pairing
Name: Sharon Rahme - Rising stars Nursery School, North Riding
Date of employment: From 2004-01-05 to 2008-11-29
Reason for leaving: I left because I wanted to experience the corporate environment.
Duties: I was a assistant to 10 children in a class.With the babies I would get there in the morning and would supervised the babies with eating breakfast and assisted them. I would then supervised play and then changed their nappies. We then did activities with
Do you know the applicant? Yes
How do you know the applicant? She was a assistant teacher at my nursery school.
What were the applicant's responsibilities whilst working for you? She was only an assistant with us, she was given duties / instructions and had to assist with care of the children.
How long did the applicant work for you, from when to when? For 4 years, from 2004 - 2008.
Were you happy with the applicant's interaction with the children and yourself (was she always creating new activities for them to do? etc.)? Yes, she is very good with children.
Did you ever have any issues with time keeping or responsibilities that were not to your satisfaction? No, she is very good with following instructions, although she never had a class of her own, she was very good with the children. She was always on time.
Why did the applicant leave your employment? She got a office job offer and she wanted to try something different in a different environment.
Would you hire the applicant again, if not, why? Yes
Type of reference: Au Pairing
Name: Jennifer Russel 
Date of employment: From 2012-02-01 to 2014-02-03
Reason for leaving: My contract is coming to an end. 
Duties: Attend to the child´s needs, fetch and carry the child from school and extra murals, prepare meals if required, be responsible for friends when they come over to play, play and stimulate him in age appropriate manner, take him on activities and outings, grocery shopping when required, baby-sitting when required, training in all milestones like potty training, educational activities and taking him to doctor when needed.
Do you know the applicant?  
How do you know the applicant?  
What were the applicant's responsibilities whilst working for you?  
How long did the applicant work for you, from when to when?  
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