Cape Town

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Areas Available: Atlantic Seaboard, City Bowl, False Bay / Stellenbosch, Northern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula, Southern Suburbs, West Coast
Availability: Afternoons
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Age: 29
Experience: 2011 years

* profile last updated: 10 Aug 2012

Personal Information:


English is my First Language and I can understand Afrikaans.

Highest Education level

Studying for a degree

Diplomas/ certificates / degrees

I am currently completing BEng(Civil) - Civil Engineering, I am in my 5th year.

First Aid

Yes (certificate expiry: 0000-00-00)

Child Safe Vehicle with seat belts all round


Driving for

12 years

Worked with children aged from

10 - 16 years





Can you swim?


Do you have any allergies, physical or psychological issues, illnesses or disabilities?


Looking for

Live Out positions

Salary range expected

R80 per hour

Do you have any hidden talents, such as playing an instrument / painting / dancing?

Maths and Science

Do you still work for any of your previous clients?


Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?


How would you describe yourself?

Can you cook?



Type of reference: Tutoring
Name: Tutoring and All (Elriena)
Date of employment: From 2012-01-01 to
Reason for leaving: I am still currently tutoring for them.
Duties: Grade 11 and Matric, the students are between the ages of 16-18 years old. I have also tutored Varsity students. Mainly Maths, but Science as well, I did touch on a bit of Accounting too. With the 1st lesson I try to see if the student is battling with understanding the subject or the pressure of managing it?I helped them manage their studies time wise by setting up study timetables and ´tests´ to prepare them for their exams. I have an easy approach to these two subjects in specific and if the students have a basic grasp, I help them view the subjects as a whole, making the theory easily understandable in basic everyday terms rather than the confusing approach many textbooks offer. I loved helping and assisting the students I taught. I enjoy seeing them understand what I am explaining to them and then realise these subjects can really be fun and interesting rather than boring and stressful.
Do you know the applicant? Yes
How do you know the applicant? She is one of our tutors.
What were the applicant's responsibilities whilst working for you? She Tutors our students one on one. She would set up tests for them and also manage their timetables. She tutors in Economics, Physics, Maths and Science.
How long did the applicant work for you, from when to when? She started in January 2012 and is currently still working for us.
Were you happy with the applicant's interaction with the children and yourself (was she always creating new activities for them to do? etc.)? Yes
Did you ever have any issues with time keeping or responsibilities that were not to your satisfaction? No, she is very diligent, professional and reliable.
Why did the applicant leave your employment? She still tutors for us
Would you hire the applicant again, if not, why? n/a
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